LED Traffic Lights

LEDs have already replaced traditional incandescent lamps in traffic signal applications for their high efficiency, low power consumption and long life. LED Traffic Signals use both high brightness & high power LEDs connected in a combination of series and parallel to build a LED cluster. To realize specific luminous distribution intensity, an additional optical design (lenses) is necessary. If traffic signals are driven by AC power, an AC-DC circuit is required to convert AC to DC power that is suited for LED driver to drive LED cluster/string. MCU is used to implement the control over LED driver so as to give correct traffic signals.


Usually LED traffic signals are equipped with RS-485 port or wireless module (GPRS module) which is controlled by MCU to communicate with control center in a large area. In addition, as the green energy technology continues to evolve, some LED traffic signals are capable of utilizing solar energy as their power source by integrating solar panel and battery in power systems to capture and store the solar energy.


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Providing PWM signal

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Managing the LED drivers and communicate with control center.

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Drive the LED arrays with constant current

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High brightness/high power LED arrays with red, yellow and green colors.

Z-Power LED P4 series
Z-Power LED
P4 series

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Bridge Rectifier
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AC164133  - Buck/Boost Converter PICtail PlusAC164133 - Buck/Boost Converter PICtail Plus

The Buck/Boost Converter PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board provides an easy and economical way to evaluate Switch Mode Power Supply applications with the dsPIC33F GS Digital Power Conversion family.
LED Lighting Development KitDM330014  - LED Lighting Development Kit
Microchip's Digital LED Lighting Development Kit enables designers to quickly leverage the capabilities and performances of the dsPIC33F GS series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) to develop LED-lighting products.
MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo BoardMCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board

The MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board is a step-up, switch-mode, DC-DC converter used for power LED applications.
MCP1650 3W White LED Demo BoardMCP1650 3W White LED Demo Board

The MCP1650 3W White LED Demo Board demonstrates Microchip’s MCP165X Boost Controller product family in a battery powered white LED application.
MCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo BoardMCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo Board

The MCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo Board uses the MCP1650 IC to power the nine white LEDs which are connected in series.
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LINEAR TECHNOLOGYLED DriverLT3518: Full-Featured LED Driver with 2.3A Switch CurrentDC1160LT3518Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR LED Driver9V-36V Vin DC, Constant Current LED DriverDN06001/DNCP3063Click here
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MICROCHIPLED DriverSwitch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Toplogies (Part II)AN1207 dsPIC33FClick here
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MICROCHIPLED DriverBuck/Boost Converter PICtail Plus Daughter BoardAC164133dsPIC33FGSClick here
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MICROCHIPLED DriverIntroducing the dsPIC33F GS series devices dsPIC33FGSClick here
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