Smart LED Mining Lamp

Most of mining activities are conducted deeply under the ground where fatal accidents such as collapse, flooding and gas explosion happen from time to time around the world. So it is necessary to establish an effective monitoring system to ensure the safety of miners. For example, a system that can give an alarm signal for immediate evacuation when dangerous gas leakage is detected, or can search and rescue the miners who are trapped underground after collapse. The solution of smart LED mining lamp introduced in this article is such system that can work well.


A smart LED mining lamp is composed of two modules, i.e. lighting module and a module for gas detection, communication and locating.

The lighting module includes LEDs, reflector, driver, battery and charge management unit. Li-ion battery is the best choice because of its low weight and developed technology of charge management. LED boasts diverse advantages like low power, environment friendly, long service life and explosion proof over traditional lighting sources. LED driver used in this solution supports dimming function. This function is realized by PWM signal from a MCU in order to implement a software-controlled switch instead of hardware ones that have the possibility of producing spark. Analog Device, ON Semiconductor and Linear Technology are offering high-performance LED drivers. And Cree, Broadcom, and Optek technology can provide LEDs.

The module for gas detection, communication and locating is made up of an ultra low-power MCU, gas sensor, and ZigBee sub-module. It monitors underground gas level and sends signal to MCU for processing. If gas level is higher than the preset value, the module will give a voice alarm and send alarm signal to remote devices through the ZigBee sub-module. The ZigBee sub-module is an end device in a ZigBee system. It works with the wired or wireless ZigBee network (implemented with ZigBee router or gateway) to broadcast alarm signal and help locate miners positions. In addition, an underground voice communication between miners can be achieved if microphone, audio codec and amplifier are added to this module.


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Using Li-ion battery or Lead-Acid Battery

PA-L27 Li-Ion
PA-L27 Li-Ion
NTA2716 Li-Ion
NTA2716 Li-Ion
GP Batteries
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Buck LED driver providing a Constant Current source for main lamp
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Single or Starboard 1W, 3W,5W high power LEDs
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High brightness or middle power LEDs
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It processes the signal from the gas sensor, control the ZigBee communication. It also provides an on/off signal for LED driver.
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Power Management
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Utilize to send out the signals from MCU and receive the signals from access points.
Recommended from Microchip

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Solderless sockets
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AC164133  - Buck/Boost Converter PICtail PlusAC164133  - Buck/Boost Converter PICtail Plus

The Buck/Boost Converter PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board provides an easy and economical way to evaluate Switch Mode Power Supply applications with the dsPIC33F GS Digital Power Conversion family.
LED Lighting Development KitDM330014  - LED Lighting Development Kit
Microchip's Digital LED Lighting Development Kit enables designers to quickly leverage the capabilities and performances of the dsPIC33F GS series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) to develop LED-lighting products.
MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo BoardMCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board

The MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board is a step-up, switch-mode, DC-DC converter used for power LED applications.
MCP1650 3W White LED Demo BoardMCP1650 3W White LED Demo Board

The MCP1650 3W White LED Demo Board demonstrates Microchip's MCP165X Boost Controller product family in a battery powered white LED application.
MCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo BoardMCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo Board

The MCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo Board uses the MCP1650 IC to power the nine white LEDs which are connected in series.
MICROCHIPLED DriverDesigning a Boost-Switching Regulator with the MCP1650AN980MCP1650Click here
ManufacturerProduct TypeAN TitleAN NumberPart NumberURL
BROADCOMLEDThermal Modeling for Application of High Power LEDClick here
MICROCHIPMCUPICDEM™ PIC18 Explorer Demonstration BoardDV164136PIC18FClick here
MICROCHIPMCUXLP 16-bit Development Board  DM240311PIC24F16KA102 Click here
ON SEMICONDUCTOR PowerNUD4001 LED Driver Revision A Evaluation BoardNNUD4001DEVBNUD4001Click here
MICROCHIPLED DriverMCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo BoardMCP1650DM-LED2MCP1650Click here
MICROCHIPLED DriverMCP1650 3W White LED Demo BoardMCP1650DM-LED1MCP1650, MCP1651Click here
ManufacturerProduct TypeEvaluation Kits TitleEVKs Part NumberPart NumberURL
LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Battery ChargerLTC4070 50mA/500mA Li-Ion/Polymer Shunt Battery Charger System - Video Product BriefLTC4070 Click here
CreeHP LEDXLamp® XP Family LEDs Click here
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