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Harting har-flex® PCB connectors

General-purpose connector series based on a 1.27 mm grid with SMT termination technology providing solutions for board-to-board & cable-to-board applications.

  • Flexible board-to-board solution
  • Absorbs stresses ensuriing an enduring connection
  • Automated processing features
  • Choice of circuit sizes from 6 to 80 way available
  • Maximise space with high density pitch
Harting har-flex® PCB connectors

Product Description

Harting have developed har-flex, an incredibly flexible general-purpose PCB connector series. Based on on a 1.27 mm grid with SMT termination technology  for internal and external Device Connectivity. The har-flex® mezzanine connector series makes active use of continuous scalability by an even number of contacts (from 6 to 100) to form the ideal basis for customized applications, ensuring that the connector is always optimized to suit specific applications of the device PCB, while covering the medium- and small-scale volume range typical of industrial devices production. Harting’s innovation turns an individual design into a standard component with no need for special tooling changes reducing cost and reducing delivery times.

Stacking & Flexibility

With a special SMT fixing you can rest assured of a robust and enduring connection designed to help PCBs absorb mechanical stresses. With its diverse variants har-flex is able to provides connectivity solutions for a wide range of board-to-board and cable-to-board applcations. This includes mezzanine applications with 8.0mm & 13.8mm parallel stacks with a combination of straight and angled connectors or for larger spaces an IDC cable connector can be used with a flat ribbon cable.

Multiple Pin Count Options

Harting's modular tooling concept saves designers space and increases efficiency with a choice contact numbers (from 6-100 in even numbered positions), combined with high density contact spacing.

Flexible Board-to-Board Distances

har-flex connectors come in a range of 4 different stacking heights as well as a range of angles making custom connections easy.

Connections You Can Rely On

har-flex SMT connectors can handle the highest of processing capabilities. To ensure connections you can rely on in production har-flex come in protective blister packs and have "pick and place" pads to facilitate automated assembly.

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