BitScope blade – The industrial solution for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and BitScope work well together to build reliable industrial strength physical computing platforms for test, measurement and data acquisition.

BitScope Blade offers a complete industrial quality, reliable power and mounting solution build for Raspberry Pi. This includes flexible multi-channel test & measurement systems using BitScope Micro and Uno up to cluster computing solutions for some serious data processing built with Duo or Quattro mounted in Blade Racks.

BitScope Blade is also well suited for stand-alone servers and workstations, cluster computing and cloud hosting infrastructure, remote sensing, general physical computing and in education.

Featured Products

BitScope Blade UNO

A flexible power and mounting solution for a single Raspberry Pi computer. Plug in Raspberry Pi HATs or add a Blade CAP to extend functionality. The perfect computing platform for makers, students and engineers using Raspberry Pi.

BitScope Blade DUO

Desktop, rack or wall mountable power and mounting solution for a pair of Raspberry Pi computers. Add a Blade CAP to extend functionality. Ideal for building reliable stand-alone desktop and server systems with Raspberry Pi.

BitScope Blade QUATTRO

Desktop, rack or wall mountable power and mounting solution for up to four Raspberry Pi computers. Create compute clusters, private clouds or build farms with Raspberry Pi. Experiment with containerisation. Extend functionality with Blade CAPs.


BitScope Blades are suitable for:

  • Gaming, Media and Entertainment
  • STEM education workstations & servers
  • Office automation, servers and routers
  • Robotics and related applications
  • Home Automation and Control
  • Industrial Automation and Analytics
  • Digital Signage and Display Systems
  • Intelligent Vending and Sales Automation
  • Installations in museums, galleries & libraries
  • Private, Hybrid and Public Compute Clouds
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • IoT Edge & Fog Computing