The mangOH Revisited

Last month, we published an article on the mangOH Green by Sierra Wireless called How To Reduce IoT Product Development Lead Times. It explored how IoT product development can be accelerated (and lead times reduced) with the mangOH open source hardware platform and the Sierra Wireless AirVantage IoT Platform.

Ever since learning about Project mangOH, we were excited about the prospects it offers design engineers who need to build device-to-cloud IoT solutions quickly. Since we thought the mangOH offered something special to the marketplace, we decided to revisit it this month by deciding to put the mangOH to the test.

We provided to one of our element14 community engineers a mangOH Green Starter Kit and asked him to build a device to cloud solution with the mangOH’s pre-built platform. Then we chose a different kind of product, the Texas Instruments' MSP 430 LaunchPad plus the CC3100 Boosterpack , and also asked him to build a device to cloud solution from scratch.

We were interested in learning just how easy it was to develop IoT solutions with the mangOH. He is blogging about his experience. Click here to read his blogs.