Souriau UT0 Series – Robust Metal IP68 Interconnect solution

A unique metal connector series allowing IP68/69K sealing level for high performance in harsh environments. Robust shielding capacity offers additional protection against electrical interference.

  • Waterproof IP68 / 69K
  • Long life 500 mating cycles
  • UL 1977 & IEC 61 984 qualified
  • Signal Integrity
  • Quick Mating 1/3 Bayonet Coupling
Souriau UT0 Series – Robust Metal IP68 Interconnect solution

Product Description

The UT0 series of metal and shielded connectors supports the need for robust interconnect solutions in harsh environment industrial applications.

IP 68/69K rating guarantees protection against ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water, ideal for outdoor and indoor dynamic applications requiring continuous underwater immersion, routine pressure washing and harsh or dusty environments.

Devices are also corrosion resistant and designed to withstand climate ingress and exposure to salt spray or corrosive atmospheres without compromising mechanical and electrical functionality.

A powerful shielding capacity also offers excellent protection against electrical interference. A unique interconnect solution can combine power supply and signal transmission to minimize component and installation costs while reducing system complexity.

Quick-Mating Bayonet Coupling

Tactile 1/3 twist connection with audible click to confirm successful mating.

Signal Integrity

EMI Shielded -65db at 100 MHz ensures high signal integrity and transmission.

Rated IP68/69K

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor dynamic applications even in harsh environments and continuous underwater immersion or routine pressure washing.

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