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KEMET Film Capacitors

KEMET's complete line of film and paper capacitors, available in both surface mount and through-hole form factors, are designed for use in all types of electronic equipment including power and alternative energy, industrial, telecommunications, automotive, military, medical and consumer electronics applications.

Metalized Impregnated Paper Capacitors

ApplicationsFeatures & Benefits Series
  • Industrial and high end applications
  • Automotive AEC-Q200 solutions available
  • Submersion pumps
  • High grade insulation power supply
  • High voltage Industrial Power Supply
  • The highest possible safety regarding active and passive flammability
  • High transient and dU/dt capability
  • Good resistance to Humidity
  • Negligible failure rate
  • AEC-Q200 Options available

AC Line EMI Capacitors (X & Y Capacitors)

ApplicationsFeatures & BenefitsSeries
  • Consumer & Commercial grade UPS
  • Lighting ballasts
  • Aircraft ground power units
  • Consumer & industrial grade power supplies
  • Test & industrial equipment
  • Automotive AEC-Q200 solutions available
  • Motor drives
  • Automotive battery chargers (F862)
  • Safety agency approved
  • High reliability
  • All models self-healing
  • Models available for all industrial voltages, eliminating need for two lower voltage capacitors in the series
  • AEC-Q200 Options available

Capacitive Power Supply Capacitors


Features & Benefits

  • Typical applications include connection in series with the mains
  • Capacitive power supplies and energy meters
  • Automotive applications for severe ambient conditions
  • Capacitor with X2 Safety Approval 85°C/85% R.H. 1000 Hours qualified
  • High safety performances
  • Good Capacitance and Dissipation factor stability
  • Good volumetric efficiency

Polypropylene Pulse & Motor Run Capacitors

ApplicationsFeatures & Benefits


  • Good for resonant circuits where high frequency and current are specified or high frequency and dv/dt like in the snubber positions
  • R71 to be specifically used in PFC stage circuit
  • Very good volumetric efficiency
  • High pulse capability and low Dissipation Factor
  • High voltage
  • Very good self-healing property

General Purpose Film Capacitors up to 150°C

ApplicationsFeatures & Benefits


  • Automotive application filtering like seat adjustment, fan motors, ABS system, window lift, alternator, Electrical Power Steering
  • Any board requiring coupling or decoupling function
  • Fork lift drives
  • High capacitance density
  • Wide range of sizes by capacitance and voltage
  • Typically for coupling or DC Voltage blocking functions
  • Good for filtering in automotive with high temperature and comoulding processes of mounting