STM32 L1 Ultra-Low-Power MCU

The STM32 L1 series is based on the ARM Cortex-M3 and extends the ultra-low-power concept with no compromise on performance.

  • From 32- to 512-Kbyte Flash / Up to 80-Kbyte RAM
  • Standby mode: 280 nA with backup registers
  • Standby mode + RTC: 900nA with backup registers
  • Low-power run mode: down to 9 μA
  • Dynamic run mode: down to 177 μA/MHz

Product Description

The STM32 L1 series is based on the ARM Cortex-M3 and extends the ultra-low-power concept with no compromise on performance.

It uses ST's proprietary ultra-low-leakage process technology (as utilised in the well-known STM8L) with an innovative autonomous dynamic voltage scaling and five low-power modes offering unprecedented platform flexibility to fit any application.

The STM32 L1 also offers dynamic voltage scaling an ultra-low-power clock oscillator LCD interface comparator DAC and hardware encryption.

But there is more to the STM32 L1 series than just being an ultra-low-power MCU. It offers a wide portfolio of features memory sizes and package pin counts. Combining ultra-low power and performance the portfolio covers from 32 to 512 Kbytes of Flash memory (with up to 80 Kbytes of SDRAM and 16 Kbytes of true embedded EEPROM) and from 48 to 144 pins.

This innovative architecture with voltage scaling and an ultra-low-power MSI oscillator gives your design more performance for a very low power budget. In addition the large number of embedded peripherals such as USB LCD interface op amp comparators ADC with fast on/off mode DAC capacitive touch and AES makes the STM32 L1 series an expandable platform to fit all your requirements.

The series is available in four different lines - STM32L100 Value line STM32L151 STM32L152 (LCD) STM32L162 (LCD and AES-128).

To simplify migration and give you all the flexibility you need the STM32 L1 is pin-to-pin compatible with the different STM32 F series and opens the door to the full STM32 ecosystem.

STM32 L1 Ultra-Low-Power MCU

Typical applications

Digital cameras Gaming GPS Bar code Electricity meters Water meters Home automation Glucose meters insulin pumps ECG sports watches.

Energy features

The STM32 L1 range uses ultra-low-power and is efficient with 1.65V to 3.6V VDD range. It runs on Multispeed Internal Clock (MSI) at 162 μA/MHz in its most power-efficient ACTIVE mode. At full speed (32 MHz) it draws 218 μA/MHz with 2.61 CoreMark/MHz. In low power mode (32 kHz - 137 kHz) it runs from 9 μA to 37 μA (down to 4.4 μA in Low-power Sleep). There are two additional ultra-low-power modes. Stop mode goes down to 500 nA with Full RAM retention (1.2 μA with RTC 16 wakeup line) and standby mode goes down to 300 nA (with POR PDR three wakeup pins and 20byte of backup RAM retention).

Internal architecture

ST's 110 and 130 nm ultra-low-leakage process technology; Multiple communication peripherals USART SPI I²C; Multiple timers; Internal 16 MHz and 38 kHz RC oscillators; 2x watchdogs; Reset circuitry POR/PDR BOR/PDV; 2x comparators; Hardware encryption AES 128-bit.

Product Range
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