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MegaPower MSD-086 USB Portable Soldering Iron

First USB powered soldering iron. Handy, portable and with incredibly low power consumption.

  • Powered through a USB port or a 9V battery
  • 5W power consumption
  • Achieving up to 480°C (896°F)
  • Extremely light, handy and portable
  • Heats up in 15-20 sec
MegaPower MSD-086 USB Portable Soldering Iron

Product Description

MEGA POWER® GEAR is the world’s first USB portable soldering iron. Able to achieve up to 480°C in as fast as 20 seconds using just a 9V alkaline battery or a computer with a USB cable.

With a professional grade soldering tip, built-in ultra bright white LED light for work area illumination, while the portable design heats up in less than 30 seconds using on 5W compared to the 40W of traditional soldering irons.

With a protective cap, safety on/off switch, and compact design the MEGA POWER ® GEAR is perfect for the field, lab or home.

Amazing Energy Efficiency

Only uses 5W and can be powered but a 9V Battery or by plugging into a USB port.

Handy & Portable

Heats up in 15-20 seconds, comes with an ultra bright LED lamp built in the MEGA POWER ® GEAR comes with a professional grade tip, protective cap and safety switch.

Small but Powerful

Heating up to 480⁰C and with a professional grade soldering tip is the first of its kind. Putting professional grade soldering available wherever your work takes you.