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SourceMeter® SMU Instrument
Model 2450

Reliable test results speeding your time to market with flexible four-quadrant IV source and IVR measure with any I-V characterization of electronic components.

  • 5-inch touchscreen with icon-based control
  • Proven precision, accuracy & low noise
  • Embedded Test Script Processor Technology (TSP®)
  • Flexible test device adaptation with front and rear connections
  • GPIB, USB, and LAN/LXI PC interfaces and TSP®-Link for I-V system setup
Keithley 2450 SourceMeter SMU Instrument

Product Description

Keithley SourceMeter® SMU Instrument Model 2450 is a four-quadrant flexible IV source and IVR measure solution for DC characterization of electronic components, modules, semiconductor devices, and advanced materials. Using the Touch, Test, Invent™ design philosophy this device seeks to meet today’s emerging trends in test instrumentation use and design. With an intuitive Graphical User Interface with 5-inch touchscreen, icon-based control, and context sensitive help the Model 2450 allows engineers, researchers, and scientists to configure and run tests easily and quickly.

With a proven record in quality this Keithley product provides proven precision, accuracy, and low noise performance guaranteeing reliable test results including with low current and voltage ranges being useful in nanotechnology and low voltage semiconductor applications.

With embedded Test Script Processor Technology the Model 2450 provides unmatched throughput in automated test applications. GPIB, USB, and LAN/LXI interfaces enable the SourceMeter® SMU instrument to be controlled via a PC.

Users of the popular and established SourceMeter® SMU Model 2400 benefit from the model 2450’s new features and functionalities and its full software compatibility with model 2400 for an easy drop in and run tests.

"The new Model 2450 Touchscreen SourceMeter® Source Measure Unit (SMU) represents Keithley’s new generation of touch, test, invent™ instruments. The 2450 combines intuitive usage and a superior user experience so customers can get more done in less time – without sacrificing the proven Keithley precision, accuracy, and performance that they’ve come to expect. And, it offers the capabilities of an I-V system, curve tracer, and semiconductor analyzer at a fraction of their cost! Invite your customers to visit to see how the new 2450 will empower them to learn faster, work smarter, and invent easier."
Linda Rae, President, Keithley Instruments, Inc.

Intuitive Interface

With a 5-inch touchscreen, and icon-based GUI control, the SourceMeter is incredibly easy to set-up and use.

Results you can Rely On

Proven Keithley precision, and accuracy provides clear results even at low voltage (20mV) and current (10nV) ranges.

Superior Communication

With embedded Test Script Processor (TSP®) Technology running scripts at instrument level and preventing wasted of time allowing for superior connectivity with your PC during the test.

Product Series
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