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Fluke VT04 and VT02 Visual IR Thermometers

The convenience of an infrared thermometer, the insight of a thermal imager, with the visual context of a digital camera the VT04 and VT02 are an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone involved in troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Detect issues instantly with built-in digital camera
  • No training required
  • True pocket size design
  • Breakthrough affordability
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • VT04 adds powerful resolution plus alarm and time lapse features
VT02 IR Thermometer

Product Description

Compact, rugged and easy to use design is perfect for the field or the lab and needs little or no training. Taking thousands of measurements a second the VT04 and VT02 build a thermal heat map of an area and merge it with a visual image of that area.

No averages, no guesswork, see the full range of temperatures in an area, allowing you to pinpoint hot and cold spots, and detect issues instantaneously with the blended infrared and visual image. Do away with time consuming manual multiple grid temperature readings and save the data in a convenient format for reporting and analysis with its unique SmartView® software.

Measure with confidence - In the past it was often impossible to accurately identify what you are actually measuring because traditional infrared thermometers only measure an average area but with the Fluke Visual IR Thermometers you get the visual image of exactly what you are measuring.

The VT02 and VT04 save a blended infrared and visual image with every image capture giving you the complete picture and enabling you to compare readings from different dates detect issues instantaneously.

The NEAR/FAR feature is exclusive to Fluke Visual IR Thermometers, allowing users to take simultaneous visual images with the thermal heat map images that are aligned accurately close in with the NEAR feature, as well as beyond with the FAR feature.

The VT04 Visual IR Thermometer adds powerful 4x sharper infrared resolution, rechargeable battery, and new alarm features!

"This is an industry breakthrough as it’s the first product that bridges the gap between a spot temperature gun and a thermal imaging camera. For the first time customers can have the advantage of a thermal array heat map at an affordable price"
Alan Thomson, Global Sales Director for Fluke

The Fluke VT04 adds powerful features:

Powerful resolution with PyroBlend™ Plus optics : Best-in-class field of view for tight spaces: 28° x 28° - Four times sharper images.
Alarm and time lapse features: Hi/Lo temperature alarm - Time lapse image capture - Auto-monitor™ alarm

Pinpoint Issues Quickly

Hot and cold trackers allow you to pinpoint temperature sources. Find an issue, save the image and pinpoint the problem quickly and easily.

Exclusive thermal heat map blending overlay

Blend digital and thermal images to instantly show the exact location of the issue. Blend between 0 %, 25 %, 50 %, 75 %, and full thermal with one button

Compact & Simple Design

This simple, rugged handheld device's point & shoot focus free design needs little or no training means you can get straight to work. True pocket size design 40% smaller than entry-level infrared cameras. Comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


SmartView® software allows you to produce professional report with ease. Communicate and document detected issues or completed repairs with clear detailed images. Store up to 10,000 images per Gb on included SD card.

Multiple Applications

The Fluke IR Visual Thermometers are an invaluable tool staff working in Electrical, HVAC/Refrigeration, Industrial Maintenance, Automotive, and Property Management Applications.

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FLUKE VT04 - IR Thermometer, -10°C to +250°C, 2 %


FLUKE - IR Thermometer, -10°C to +250°C, 2 %

THERMOMETER, VISUAL IR, -10 TO 250 DEG; Temperature Measuring Range:-10°C to +250°C; Accuracy %:2%; Operating Temperature Min:-; Operating Temperature Max:-; Product Range:-; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)

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FLUKE VT02 - IR Thermometer, -10°C to +250°C, 2 %, -10 °C, 45 °C


FLUKE - IR Thermometer, -10°C to +250°C, 2 %, -10 °C, 45 °C

THERMOMETER, VISUAL IR, -10 TO 250 DEG; Temperature Measuring Range:-10°C to +250°C; Accuracy %:2%; Operating Temperature Min:-10°C; Operating Temperature Max:45°C; Product Range:-; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Jun-2015); External Depth:550mm; External Length / Heig

No Longer Manufactured