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Microchip Easy 3-D Gesture Recognition with New GestIC® Devkit

The MGC3130 Hillstar Development Kit provides a complete 3-D Gesture Tracking and Recognition reference system.

  • Easy-to-use Development Kit
  • I²C or USB interface
  • Reference Electrode
  • Raw XYZ or Gesture Library output
GestIC® Devkit

Product Description

Microchip's MGC3130 is the world’s first electrical near field (E-field) 3-D tracking and gesture controller. Based on Microchip’s patented GestIC® technology, it allows users to interact with their devices using hand/finger position tracking and intuitive free-space gestures in real time. The MGC3130 is a unique solution that enables the next breakthrough in user interface design.

Signal Processing on the MGC3130 interprets 3-D position tracking / gesture recognition and approach detection and provides raw XYZ data or a suite of pre-defined outputs related to a set on recognised finger gestures

The development kit comprises the MGC3130 Module, an I²C to USB bridge module and a four-layer reference electrode.

Economical to run

Very low power application

Keen Sight

No detection blackspots, 0 ( touch ) to 15cm detection range

No Interference

70-130kHz carrier frequency safe from RF



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