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  • Search Farnell from any website
  • Store your parts list directly in your browser*
  • Real-time Price and availability notifications*
  • Save time and work smarter
  • Instant access to 100,000 datasheets
  • It works directly with Google!*
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For versions 8 and above

Fast browser install, No Sign up required

*Extended features available in Chrome and Firefox
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Install Parts Finder Tool

For versions 19 and above

Simply click 'Allow' in the pop up at the top of your screen.
No sign up required.

Install Parts Finder Tool

For versions 19 and above

Fast browser install, No Sign up required

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Let us show you how the Parts Finder Tool will help save time & money!

Challenge: I want to quickly check the Farnell price and availability from any website I choose


Product information is just a right click away

To Search On-Demand, simply highlight a product name or manufacturer part number on any web page. Then right click and choose the 'Parts Finder Tool Search' option from the menu. (For IE users, this may be under the accelerator menu).

Get all the details you need without leaving your page

The Parts Finder Tool pulls in real-time data from Farnell, opening a discreet overlay where you can see:

  • Price
  • Real-time stock information
  • RoHS status
  • Re-reeling options
  • Access product datasheets

All without leaving your web page!

The following enhanced features are available for Firefox and Chrome users only

Challenge: As I research across a number of sites, I want to build up a parts list on the fly to save me time.


Store your saved items directly within your browser

When the Parts Finder Tool pulls up the details of the product, you have the option to purchase directly on the site or add it to your parts list for later use.

It’s that simple!

Build your parts list on the go!

The Parts Finder Tool responds to the way you work building up complete parts lists as you research any number of sites. The Parts List is stored in the top right of your browser and includes options to increase quantities and makes it easy to delete individual parts if you change your mind.

Ready to Buy?

Then simply add individual parts to your shopping basket, or add the full parts list with the click of a button – Easy!

Challenge: I want a tool that automatically notifies me when it matches a product.


Automatic alerts show the latest price and stock information

To make your life even easier, the Parts Finder Tool automatically notifies you at the bottom of the screen when it finds a direct match. Taking the hard work out of your research and allowing the Parts Finder Tool to guide you to the best products at the best price.

It even works directly with Google!

Change the settings to the way you want to work

By default, the tool automatically displays Google Search results as well as Key Supplier websites. These settings can easily be changed by clicking the Farnell icon in the top right of your browser. Simply toggle the options to what suits you best.

Challenge: I want to see how much I can save or easily request a quote.


See Farnell prices & your savings instantly!

Farnell are always striving to be competitive and usually cheaper! When the Parts Finder Tool matches a product, the price is instantly compared to real-time prices and savings are displayed on screen!

Looking to place a big order? No Problem. Use the tool to send the product and quantity direct to our quotes team who will help you find the best possible price!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What browsers are supported?
Firefox 19.0 – 25.x
Chrome 18.0 – 27.x
IE 7.0 – 9.0 (10.0 Experimental)

Does this tool collect personal data?
The browser tool does NOT collect any personal data but we do log the number of successful installations and current active users. Be assured, any data we do collect is anonymous.

Can I speak to someone about this tool?
You can contact with any feedback or questions. In most cases we will respond within 24 Hours. If the question is a common one you may be referred to the FAQs. Please check our FAQs before contacting us.

Can I change how and when Price Alerts are displayed?
Yes, the Parts Finder Tool is set up so that 'Price Alerts' only appear when you are searching for products sold by Farnell. However, if you do not need the 'Price Alerts' at any point you can disable them by clicking on the Parts List icon in the top right of your browser.

  • Turn off Price Alerts (Google only) - Switch 'Alerts on Google' to OFF
  • Turn off All Price Alerts (including Google) - Switch all 'Price Alerts' to OFF

Re-enabling them is as simple as turning the switches back to ON.

How do I uninstall an older version?
Uninstalling the Parts Finder Tool is simple and well documented by the browser vendors.

  • In Chrome right click the Parts List icon and select manage, then hit the bin icon
  • In Firefox go to Tools > Addons, then hit remove on the appropriate add-on

Which supplier websites does it work with automatically?
Currently we have the add-on working with TE, Fluke, Molex, Wiedmuller, Honeywell and Texas Instruments. The notifications only display on product level pages so you are unlikely to see a Price Alert when the supplier site displays a list of products.

Can I see some working examples of the Price Notifications in action?
You do not need to do anything to make the alerts work. Simply continue with normal web browsing and if a part number is detected you will be notified.

If you would like to see some examples to get you started just install the add-on (if you haven’t already) and click on these links below to see the alerts in action.

Can I see some working examples of the Right Click function?
Why not try and right click on these manufacturer codes and keywords to see the results. When you right click you should see the Farnell logo in your menu, select 'Parts Finder Search' and the results will appear in your current browser window.

  • ATTINY2313-20PU
  • Fluke 233
  • FRDM-KL46Z
  • Arduino Uno

What is browser Sync’ing?
Browser sync allows you to work across multiple installations of your browser so anything you add to your parts list at work will appear in your browser on your laptop or home PC, providing you are logged into your chrome browser with the same account. This is well tested in chrome and is available as an experimental add-on in Firefox.

If you want to enable syncing in Firefox you need to go to 'Tools > Sync' and follow the instructions.

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