Ideal-Tek LED Testing Tweezers

An innovative solution for testing and verification of SMD and throughole LEDs, combining a pair of high quality gold-plated tweezers and a digital adaptive LED tester in a compact, lightweight battery-powered device.

  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Ideal for Surface Mount Devices
  • Automatic LED polarity detection and display
  • Forward drop voltage display
  • Integrated Li-Ion battery
Ideal-Tek LED Testing Tweezers

Product Description

Due to their small size, surface mount devices are often more difficult to test and identify than conventional components. The special design of the ST-LED from ideal-tek offers a convenient and user-friendly solution for a variety of LEDs including throughholes and LEDs already placed on boards.

ST-LED uses a unique safe adaptive test algorithm to perform automatic LED polarity detection, lighting the LED at the preset test current value and current pulse duration after testing.

During the testing cycle, the device can display test current value, polarity indicator, forward drop voltage across LED and current pulse duration.

High Capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery

Micro USB charging cord also included for easy recharge from any standard USB port or wall charger.

Ergonomic Design and Convenient Controls

Joystick-like control allows modification of default settings for test current and pulse duration.

Adjustable test current and test duty cycle

Adjustable constant test current 1-30mA, adjustable test duty cycle 10-1000 mSec.