“Let’s make a better tomorrow together” Terms and Conditions

  1. This “Let’s make a better tomorrow together Campaign” (“Donation Campaign”) is run by Premier Farnell UK Limited t/a Farnell 150 Armley Road, Leeds, LS12 2QQ England (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser) on the following terms and conditions (the “T&C’s”). By entering into this Donation Campaign, all entrants and contributors (“Contributors”) will be deemed to have read, accepted and agreed to be bound by these T&C’s. Contributors are advised to review these T&Cs before participating in the Donation Campaign and print and keep safe a copy of the T&C’s. The Organiser reserves the right to revise the T&C’s from time to time. Revised T&C’s will be posted on the farnell.com/bettertomorrow and it is a condition of participating in the Donation Campaign that Contributors agree to comply with such amendments from time to time.
  2. Any Contributor (subject to the T&C’s) from United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Romania may participate in this Donation Campaign. Contributors not meeting any of the requirements set out in the T&C’s or not applying from these countries/areas are excluded from entry.
  3. All times stated in these terms are based on the United Kingdom (GMT+1 time zone).
  4. No responsibility will be accepted for entries which are not received for any reason, including technical error, pixels and plugins installed on Contributor’s device that may block receiving information or affect Donation Campaign results.
  5. The Donation Campaign will run from 08:00 AM (UK Time) 15/06/2020 until 11:59PM (UK Time) 02/08/2020. (“Donation Campaign Period”), any valid Contributor can participate by participating in the Donation Campaign posted at the following address: farnell.com/bettertomorrow.
  6. There are two ways to donate via the Donation Campaign:

    6.1. By signing up. A Contributor can simply fill in a registration form submitting their first name, last name, providing job role, work email address, company name and accept Farnell’s privacy policy and accept these T&C’s and selecting a charitable organisation from two provided. This way to enter is valid from 08:00AM (UK Time) 15/06/2020 until 11:59PM (UK Time) 12/07/2020 or until the limit of donation described at 7.4. has been reached whichever is the earlier and only one Sign Up Donation will be allowed per Contributor. (“Sign Up Donation”).

    6.2. By purchase. A Contributor can also donate by purchasing ROHM, Rohde&Schwarz or Multicomp PRO products marked as You buy, we donate at www.farnell.com (subject to minimum order purchase amounts and donation amounts set at 7.2.2) from 08:00 AM (UK Time) 15/06/2020 until 11:59PM (UK Time) 02/08/2020 or until the limit of donation set out at 7.4. has been reached whichever is the earlier (“Purchase Donation”).

  7. The Donation Campaign will work as follows:

    7.1. The Sign Up Donation:

    7.1.1. The Contributor must fill in all the required fields on registration form at Farnell.com/bettertomorrow and submit it.

    7.1.2. One of the required fields is selecting charitable organisation. The Contributor has to pick one of two charitable organisations described in clause 8.

    7.1.3. Once the registration form is submitted, Farnell commits to donating 1 EUR on behalf of the Contributor to the selected charitable organization;subject to these T&C’s.

    7.1.4. Information about total amount of donations that will be transferred to every charitable organisation will be published on Farnell.com/bettertomorrow by 1st September 2020.

    7.2. Purchase Donation:

    7.2.1. Donations are supported by three suppliers: ROHM, Rohde&Schwarz and Multicomp PRO; all products from these suppliers marked as “You buy, we donate” featured on Farnell.com are the subject to this Donation Campaign.

    7.2.2. Farnell together with its suppliers featured in the Purchase Donation will donate a set amount from every applicable product purchase as follows:

    Supplier NameMinimum order value Donation amount
    Rohde&Schwarz 100 EUR10 EUR
    Multicimp PRO50 EUR1 EUR

    7.2.3. To support these charitable organisations listed at clause 8 via a Purchase Donation, the Contributor must shop at Farnell.com for products marked as You buy, we donate.

    7.2.4. The total Purchase Donation amount raised will be distributed equally across the charitable organisations listed at clause 8, and announced on Farnell.com/bettertomorrow after the Donation Campaign Period.

    7.3. After the Donation Campaign Period ends, the total donation amounts per charitable organisations will be calculated.

    7.4. The overall Donation limit from Contributors participating in the Sign Up Donation is 10,000 EUR. Once this limit is reached, subject to the overall donation limit of the Purchase Donation yet being reached, only the Purchase Donation method of Contribution will be available up to the end of the Campaign Period. The overall Donation limit from Contributors participating in the Purchase Donation is 41,300 EUR.

    7.5. Product returns. Where the Contributor participates in the Purchase Donation and makes a product return as per Farnell’s return policy set out at https://uk.farnell.com//help-return-policy, the charitable amount from a purchase of these products, will be deducted from the final donation amount.

    7.6. Transfers of Donation funds to the charitable organisations will be made within 60 days after the Donation Campaign Period ending.

  8. Every Contributor participating in the Sign Up Donation Campaign must select one charitable organisation that Organiser will support on behalf on the Contributor. The Charitable organisations for both the Sign Up and Purchase Donations are:

    8.1. COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO powered by the United Nations Foundation and Swiss Philanthropy FoundationUnited

    8.2. Plan International Ireland

  9. Contributors must be aged 18 or over.
  10. Every Contributor will be separately notified by email (to the email address provided by the Contributor at the time of participating in the Donation Campaign) within 28 days after the end of the Donation Campaign period about total contribution of the donations to every charitable organisation. The actual amount donated will be subject to the provisions of clause 7.5 and compliance all the other T&C’s.
  11. The donations raised shall be made by the Organiser and are non-negotiable and non-refundable and not calculable for any Contributor personal or commercial tax deduction and no cash alternative will be offered or available to the Contributor.
  12. Minimum order spend in local currencies are as follows:

    WebsiteMinimum order value for ROHM purchases in local currencyMinimum order value for Multicomp PRO purchases in local currencyMinimum order value for Rohde&Schwarz purchases in local currency
    dk.farnell.com370.69 DKK370.69 DKK741.37 DKK
    no.farnell.com541.57 NOK541.57 NOK1,083.13 NOK
    se.farnell.com524.21 SEK524.21 SEK1,048.42 NOK
    uk.farnell.com44.64 GBP44.64 GBP89.28 GBP
    cz.farnell.com1,347.02 CZK1,347.02 CZK2,694.03 CZK
    hu.farnell.com17,300.71 HUF17,300.71 HUF34,601.42 HUF
    pl.farnell.com224.28 PLN224.28 PLN448.56 PLN
    ro.farnell.com216.42 RON216.42 RON432.84 RON
    ch.farnell.com52.96 CHF52.96 CHF105.91 CHF
  13. Employees, directors, shareholders of any company within the Premier Farnell Group and their direct families (parents, siblings, spouse, partner, and children) or agents and/or anyone associated with the running of the Competition are not eligible to enter this Donation Campaign. Public sector employees should only participate after first having obtained internal approval from their organisation.
  14. Free email domains such as GMail, Hotmail, yahoo etc. will be blocked from entering the Sign up donation.
  15. The Organiser reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any Contributor at any time and may require proof of identification and age. If the Organiser suspects fraud or misconduct, or if it is discovered that a Contributor has failed to comply with the eligibility requirements set out in the T&Cs then the donation that supposed to be done by Organiser in behalf of these Contributors may be withheld or withdrawn.
  16. The Organiser reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Donation Campaign or extend the period of participation in its sole discretion. The Organiser will not be liable for any such withdrawal or change to the Donation Campaign.
  17. The Organiser is responsible for all applicable taxes, duties or other charges payable or deductible in relation to all the donations.
  18. The Contributor may not participate in the Donation Campaign if by doing so they cause the Organiser and/or themselves to be in breach of any agreement (including but not limited to any contract of employment) to which they are a party or in breach of any law, regulation or rule having the force of law to which they or the Organiser may be subject. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any entry made in breach of this clause.
  19. The Organiser respects the policies of employers which forbid such participation in the Donation Campaign by their employees.
  20. The Organiser takes the Contributor’s privacy seriously. The personal information it obtains as a result of this Donation Campaign will not be sold to third parties but will be used solely for the purposes of this Donation Campaign, for its own customer research, business development and statistical purposes and to promote to the Organiser’s business services and products via email where you have consented to do so. For more details see the Farnell privacy policy at http://uk.farnell.com/privacy-statement.
  21. Without limiting the generality of the preceding statement the Organiser hereby excludes all and any liability arising out of the Donation Campaign or the acceptance, use, quality condition, suitability or performance of the Donation Campaign, even where arising from the Organiser’s negligence.
  22. The Organiser’s does not exclude liability under the T&Cs for death, personal injury arising or damage to property from its negligence, or for breach of Part II of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, or for any matter in relation to which it would be illegal for the Organiser to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.
  23. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and you irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this Donation Campaign.
  24. Please address any queries relating to this Donation Campaign to MarketingEE&Nordics@farnell.com