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Weller WSD 121 High Power Soldering Station

Precision technology for high quality soldering

  • Extreme powerful soldering station (120W power rating)
  • Fast response (ca. 14sec. 50-350°C)
  • ESD Safe
  • Low running costs
  • Sensational introductory price
WSD 121 Soldering Station

Product Description

The Weller WSD121 High Power Soldering Station Set combines high power and efficiency with a small and ergonomic soldering pencil design.

The rapid transfer of heat into the soldering tip is quickly and precisely controlled by sophisticated electronics making of the WSD 121 the perfect tool not only for standard soldering but also for application on large mass through-hole components, multilayer boards or big soldering joints that cause large dissipation in heat transfer.

The WSD121 set consists of a power unit, WP120 soldering iron and safety stand with tip dry-cleaning pad.

Heats Up Fast

This extremely powerful soldering station heats up from 50-350 ⁰C in 14 secs

Power On Demand

Using Weller’s precision “power on demand” technology the station senses the thermal requirements of every solder joint.

Excellent Value

With a great introductory price, low running cost and hard wearing tips and heating elements this powerful station will save you money throughout its life.


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