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Tektronix Probe Solutions

Tektronix Probes are there for every measurement challenge, application or budget.

  • Probes to meet every measurement challenge
  • Usable with non-Tektronix oscilloscopes
  • Absolute signal fidelity
  • Highest bandwidth
  • Lowest noise
Probe Solutions

Product Description

Whether your maintaining a system or involved in the development of a new device you need to be able to rely on any test results. The first step in taking precision measurements is ensuring you have the right probe tip from the task. Whether you need a Passive, Active, Single–ended, Differential, Current & High Voltage probe Tektronix are able to provide for your needs without you having to compromise on signal fidelity.

Tektronix provide you with results you can rely on.

Do not compromise on your measurement accuracy or signal integrity – select a Tektronix probe for your desired measurements or for use with your Tektronix oscilloscope:

Desired measurement:

High voltage differential:

High Voltage single-ended:


Low Voltage differential:

Low Voltage single-ended:



Probe adaptors:

Your Tektronix Oscilloscope:










"For every engineer the measurement challenge always starts with having the right probe for the right application. Without the correct probe connection from the oscilloscope to the device under test you are at risk of compromising the results of your measurement. Aligned with more than 65 years innovation in oscilloscope technology, Tektronix continues to lead the industry in probes and accessories. In an ideal world, an “ideal” probe should offer; connection ease and convenience, absolute signal fidelity, zero signal source loading and complete noise immunity. At Tektronix we offer customers a “complete measurement system”, oscilloscope + probe, and believe we have the “ideal” probe solution for every application. As the leading oscilloscope manufacturer we offer the widest range of high quality single-ended, differential, low voltage ,high voltage, passive and current probes . It all starts with the probe………"
Dean Miles. Technical Marketing Manager Tektronix

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