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STMicroelectronics STM32L1 Series Ultra Low Power MCUs

Ultra Low Power MCU Discovery Kits based on ARM® Cortex™-M3. Push the ultra-low power concept without compromising performance.

  • Excellent Real-Time Performance
  • Outstanding Power Efficiency
  • Superior & Innovative Peripherals
  • Extensive Ecosystem
ST Microelectronics STM32 L1 Ultra Low Power MCU

Product Description

Offering a wide portfolio of features, memory sizes and package pin counts the STM32 L1 series is more than just a selection of ultra-low-power MCUs. Based on ARM® Cortex™-M3, using ST’s proprietary ultra-low-leakage process technology plus an innovative autonomous dynamic voltage scaling and 5 low-power modes offering the STM32 L1 series gives designers the power to push the limits of ultra-low-power without compromising performance.

With innovative architecture (voltage scaling, ultra-low-power MSI oscillator) you will find unprecedented platform flexibility meaning your can fit your design to any application with greater performance while maintaining a very low power budget. Backed by a substantial number of embedded peripherals, including USB, LCD interface, op amp, comparator, ADC with fast on/off mode, DAC, capacitive touch and AES the STM32 L1 series is a platform that will grow to fit any and all requirements.

The portfolio covers 32 to 384 Kbytes of Flash memory (with up to 48 Kbytes of RAM and 12 Kbytes of true embedded EEPROM) and from 48 to 144 pins. Plus to simplify migration and give you all the flexibility you need, the STM32 L1 is pin-to-pin compatible with the different STM32 F series opening the door to the full STM32 ecosystem.

Currently available in the STM32L1 series:

  • STM32L100 Value line
  • STM32L151
  • STM32L152 (LCD)
  • STM32L162 (LCD and AES-128)

No Compromise

Using ST’s proprietary ultra-low-leakage process technology, combined with innovative autonomous dynamic voltage scaling and 5 low-power modes offers you unprecedented platform flexibility and real-time performance. Push the limits of ultra-low power without compromising on performance.

Room to Grow

Backed by ST’s range of superior peripherals, with pin-to-pin compatibility with the different STM32 F series and the STM32-L1’s innovative architecture designers will find unprecedented flexibility and a platform that can be tailored to most any application.


  • Ultra-low-power mode: 300 nA with backup registers (3 wakeup pins)
  • Ultra-low-power mode + RTC: 900 nA with backup registers (3 wakeup pins)
  • Low-power run mode: down to 9 μA
  • Dynamic run mode: down to 230 μA/MHz