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We offer two levels of calibration on new test & measurement products bought from Farnell element14. All products are calibrated to meet both ISO 9000ff and EN 17025ff requirements.

The two levels of calibration include:

Standard Calibration

To manufacturer specification with:

  • Sets of calibration results
  • Certificates
  • Integrity seals
  • Electrical safety tests
  • All records stored and maintained for 4 years

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) Calibration

In addition to Standard Calibration, includes:

  • Calibration to UKAS approved procedures
  • UKAS certificates
  • UKAS approved calibration equipment

For further information on international and mutual recognition of accredited calibrations, please click here.

How to arrange a calibration

  • Find the Farnell element14/manufacturer part number for the item in question
  • Choose the required level of calibration:
    • Standard Calibration (STD CAL)
    • UKAS Calibration (UKAS CAL)
  • Contact Farnell element14 to arrange your order.
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Online Calibration Requests

If you order a product online that requires calibration, please state your interest in having the item calibrated in the line notes box when you place your order and we will contact you to arrange the calibration.

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