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Plug and Socket Connectors

In this section you will find a huge selection of Plug and Socket Connectors, including mate-n-lok, RAST, mini-fit, microfit and other types of plug sockets.


Plug-socket connectors are usually made up of a 'male' plug (i.e. pin contacts) and a 'female' receptacle (i.e. socket contacts). There are also associated components such as contacts, housings and cable seals.

Farnell element14 offers customers a comprehensive range of modular connectors from the world’s leading manufacturers including 3M, Amphenol, AVX, Cinch, Amphenol FCI, FCT/Molex, Harting, Hirose, ITT Cannon, Molex, Multicomp, Norcomp, Samtec, TE Connectivity, Würth Elektronik and Yamaichi.


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