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Panasonic E96 Power Resistors

Panasonic new E96 series of light weight, highly reliable power resistors.

  • Compatible with placement machines
  • Small & light weight
  • Highly reliability
  • Unique soft termination technology
  • Suitable for both reflow and flow soldering
E96 Power Resistors

Product Description

Reliability Resistor Technology (E96 Series) have a wide range of features, and specifications including conventional Thick Film Chip Resistors which provide High Reliability using metal glaze thick film resistive and bulk case Packaging which meets the ISO-9001 & QS-9000 standards.

The outstanding reliability of the E96 is achieved by using metal thin technology in conjunction with moisture resistive overcoat and an operating temperature of 155 ⁰C. Panasonic SMD Resistors Now Include a unique soft termination Technology allowing for the highest possible solder joint reliability, even under tough temperature cycle conditions helping minimize cracking.

Panasonic Newly Developed Anti-Resistor Technology E96 Series enables cost reduction, improved mounting speed, simplifying of mounting equipment and better solder joint reliability (suitable for both reflow soldering & flow soldering).

Unique Technology

Panasonic’s unique soft termination technology.

High Reliability

With metal glaze thick film resistive element and three layers of electrodes the E96 series provides the reliability you need.

Faster Mounting

The E96 series are compatible with placement machines and available in taped reels.

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