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Martin Master IXH BGAs Rework System

Desktop IXH BGA Rework System with Convection Top Heater and large Infrared Bottom Heater is the ideal system for reworking BGAs.

  • Patented vision-free placement technology
  • Easy Solder Software for accurate control
  • Handles BGA/QFP/QFN/CSP
  • Extremely Reliable
IXH BGAs Rework System

Product Description

The IXH is a unique desktop rework system capable of handling all typical Rework process steps including:-

  • Component desoldering
  • Component removal
  • Site cleaning of residual solder
  • Component replacement
  • Component reflow

This robust and extremely reliable system comes with a convection top heater and large infrared bottom heater while STAR TOOLS patented patented vision-free placement system (no cameras needed) ensures that placement tools never need calibration and combined with the MS Windows™ based EASY SOLDER software helps make every job a breeze.

Patented Placement Technology

Star Tools patented vision free placement technology is unique to the IXH system and helps ensure simple & reliable operation.

Easy Solder Software

All necessary tools for successful Rework including Auto-Profiler with profile analysis and real-time plotting along with file management and reporting all in one handy Windows based package.

Everything you Need

The IXH system is ideal for all types of SMD’s including BGA/QFP/QFN/CSP. It performs all typical Rework process steps including component desoldering, component removal, site cleaning of residual solder, component replacement and component reflow.