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LCD Graphic Displays

Check out our fantastic range of LED / LCD Displays at Farnell element14

Displays, LCD Displays, LED Displays and other Optoelectronics from industry-leading manufacturers, in stock and ready to ship today.


Electronic displays are available in a number of different technologies including Liquid Crystal (LCD), Organic LED (OLED), Light Emitting Diode (LED) and Vacuum Fluorescent (VFD). Newer 'Active-LCD' displays feature 'Thin-Film-Transistor' (TFT) technology for higher contrast ratios and faster response times, required for viewing moving images. Other significant developments in the display market include the introduction of widescreen aspect ratios, in-built touch screens and LED backlighting.

Farnell element14's selection of displays range from basic, monochrome, single character '7-segment' displays through to full-colour graphic LCD displays. Farnell element14 offer all these display technologies in a broad range of screen sizes, resolutions, and colours. Also take advantage of our high quality service to help you make the right design choices.

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