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Harwin is a manufacturer of high-reliability connectors, process improving SMT hardware and industry standard PCB connectors. Harwin has a broad product offering, developed over many years of working with the world’s leading electronics manufacturers.

Harwin’s Their High-Reliability connectors have been used in a wide variety of applications from Avionics controls to industrial applications and ensure signal integrity under vibration, shock and extreme temperature. The EZ-BoardWare range of SMT hardware offers customers new ways to save money by improving PCB assembly processes, in some cases eliminating additional operations all-together. Solutions range from EMC protection to coin-cell retainers.

Harwin’s range of interconnects include SMT and through-hole styles starting at 0.8mm pitch and crimp cable connectors and IDC components. These and related Harwin components are stocked in depth by Farnell for next day delivery.

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