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Fluke Ti100 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Fluke’s Ti100 series thermal imaging cameras. Solve problems faster with this innovative, rugged and easy to use thermal imaging camera.

  • Rugged for industrial use
  • Easy to use one handed
  • Models to suit every application and budget
  • Reporting Software included
Fluke Ti100 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

Product Description

Fluke’s thermal imagers are designed to be simple, and solid to save you time and money. The Fluke Ti125, Ti110, Ti105 and Ti100 imagers, are packed with the innovative features and functionality to help you locate potential problems and prevent costly failures. Performing and documenting infrared inspections has never been faster or more efficient with Fluke’s user friendly design and easy to use reporting software.

Light enough to be used one handed the Fluke Ti100 Series blend thermal and visual images using patented IR-Fusion® technology allowing you to quickly and clearly identify potential issues. Use “Picture in Picture” & “AutoBlend™” modes to tailor images to provide you will all the information you need.

With a point & shoot design philosophy and rugged design the Fluke Ti100 Series intuitive controls require little or no training while  Exclusive IR-OptiFlex™ focus system provides valuable flexibility guaranteeing a focus free clear image when recording over 1.2m while manual focus provides the crystal clear detail close up.

With video recording, voice can text annotations, torch, e-compass and a laser pointer all included the Fluke Ti100 Series has everything you could want and more.

Exclusive IR-OptiFlex™ focus system

Guarantee optimum image clarity and scanning 1.2 meters and beyond with focus free convenience. Up close? Use manual mode to keep everything sharp with the finger touch focusing. (Ti110 and Ti125).

IR-Fusion® with easier—AutoBlend™

Identify potential issues quickly and efficiently by combining digital and IR images with AutoBlend. It blends digital and partially transparent IR images into a single information-filled image.

IR-PhotoNotes™ Annotation System

Add digital images of important information and surrounding areas to keep track of inspection locations and help engineers quickly identify where they need to be.

Rugged & Feature Packed

Build for working in industrial environments the Ti100 series are tools you can rely on. Packed with patented technology, they are designed to be used one handed. With video recording, voice can text annotations, torch, e-compass and a laser pointer all included, keep a hand free for the important things.

Easy Reporting

Use the exclusive reporting software, video recording, IR-PhotoNotes™ Annotation and IR-Fusion® Systems to provide reports of amazing clarity. Show clients, colleagues and engineers exactly what they need to know with clear images of both heat maps & physical locations. Images that will speak volumes and save fortunes.

Models for Every Application & Budget

No two jobs are ever the same so be sure you have the tools you need. The Ti100 series provides you with the ability to tailor the tools to your budget and needs ensuring that everyone can take advantage of these amazing tools.