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DROPOUT water remover

DROPOUT water remover: Changing the logic of liquid water removal in the compressed air industry

  • Removes water & oil particles (0.5 micron)
  • 99.999% efficient regardless of flow rate
  • No mains power
  • Maintenance free
  • Unique patent protected system
DROPOUT water remover

Product Description

Whatever purpose you need compressed air for the need to remove water condensate is of huge importance. The presence of water and waterborne contaminants can result in time consuming reworking to the say the least and loss of vital quality at the end of a job. Existing techniques tend to require CFC gases, chemicals, or huge power usage, often at extreme expense. What can be even more frustrating is that such systems can meet with limited success.

Dropout represents a brand new patented system that is guaranteed as 99.999% efficient at the removal of water & oil particles down to 0.5 micron regardless of flow rate in the compressed air. As Dropout is not reliant on stable flow or pressure to reach optimum performance it is able to maintain optimum performance between 0.04cfm and 500cfm even with variable pressures and pulsed flows.

Using a sealed stainless steel housing Dropout does not require any filters or parts to be replaced, is easily cleaned, available for a variety of flow rates and guaranteed for 5 years. Dropout has multiple applications acting not only as a stand-alone water separator coalescing filter but also providing protection of refrigerated and desiccant dryer by (pre) filtering bulk liquid and contaminants.

"Dropout® releases a new range of super efficient liquid water removal products. “changing the game” in compressed air liquid water removal."
Andrew Bird-Director

Incredible Efficiency

Removes water and oil particles (0.5 micron) from compressed air with 99.999% efficient regardless of flow rate.

Incredible Reliability

No requirement for replacement filter cartridges, No increase in pressure drop caused by blocked filters and guaranteed for 5 years.

Tailored to your Application

Modular, scalable design delivers a wide flow product range without compromising the efficiency of removal of water and solid particles.

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