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Coilcraft SER80xx High Current Shielded Power Inductors

Coilcraft SER80xx series shielded power inductors. Available in Low DCR and High Isat versions. Suitable for a broad range of applications.

  • Available in low DCR and high Isat versions
  • Saturation current ratings up to 53 Amps
  • Exceptionally low DC resistance
  • Inductance values from 0.50 uH to 10.0 uH
Coilcraft SER80xx Power inductors

Product Description

New from Coilcraft the SER80xx Series of High-Current Shielded Power Inductors are rated RoHS Halogen Free. Available in two different versions:

  • Low DCR (8 inductance values from 0.50 uH to 10.0 uH, with max DCR as low as 2.50 mOhms)
  • High Isat (Saturation current ratings up to 53 Amps & 8 inductance values from 0.20 uH to 4.0 uH)

With the Low DCR version ideal for high average current applications and the High Isat SER80xx being perfect for high peak current applications the SER80xx range is remarkably versatile.

With a 8.8mm/8.5mm and 3rd terminal for stable board mounting the SER80xx provides great stability and a small footprint allowing designers to optimize real-estate on any PCB, while the different versions provide the perfect components for your design. Both versions are RoHS compliant and 260°C compatible

8 Different Inductance Values

Both Low DCR & High Isat versions of the SER80xx are available in 8 inductance values
- Low DCR 0.50 uH to 10.0 uH Max DCR 2.50 mOhms -High Isat 0.20 uH to 4.0 uH

Remarkable Versatility

Available in two versions allowing you to tailor your design for high average current or high peak current applications

RoHS Compliant

Both versions of the SER80xx are RoHS compliant, Halogen Free and 260°C compatible


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