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Microchip chipKIT™ Pi

Designed for & hosted on Raspberry Pi, chipKIT™ Pi is the latest Arduino form-factor chipKIT™ platform supported by the free chipKIT™Multi-Platform IDE (MPIDE)

  • Exclusively for Raspberry Pi & Arduino
  • Microchip 32-bit PIC32 (MCU)
  • Supports the chipKIT™ Multi-Platform IDE
  • Create Arduino sketch-based chipKIT™ apps
  • Develop 3.3V Arduino compatible applications
chipKIT™ Pi

Product Description

Designed for Raspberry Pi, chipKIT™ Pi is the latest Arduino™ compatible chipKIT™ platform from Microchip and element14, developed entirely by volunteers from within the chipKIT™ and Arduino communities.

This world first featured a 32-bit PIC32 MCU in a prototyping-friendly, low pin count SPDIP package. The PIC32’s performance, memory and integrated peripherals allows users to create applications including touch sensing, audio processing and advanced control. 

Supported by the free chipKIT™ Multi-Platform IDE (MPIDE) users can create, compile and program Arduino sketch-based chipKIT™ applications within the Raspberry Pi operating system.  

With a 3.3V processor chip, Raspberry Pi’s digital I/O and communications (I2C™, UART, SPI) pins require 3.3V.  Meaning that existing prototyping-friendly Arduino boards, which are all based on 5V 8-bit MCUs, require users to create or purchase additional components to translate the voltages.  The chipKIT™ Pi allows users to interface directly with the Raspberry Pi I/O Expansion header without any additional components, reducing both cost and design complexity.


Unique in the marketplace the chipKIT™ is Based on Microchip’s 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs) in prototyping-friendly, low pin count SPDIP packages.

Created with Love

The chipKIT™ and Arduino community volunteers collaborated with Microchip’s engineers to expand the free chipKIT™ Multi-Platform IDE (MPIDE), allowing users to create, compile and program Arduino sketch-based chipKIT applications directly from the Raspberry Pi.

World First

chipKIT™ Pi is the world’s first platform to enable the development of 3.3V Arduino compatible applications for the Raspberry Pi using a 32-bit, high-performance MCU in a prototyping-friendly package.


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